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TICASS – Tecnologie Innovative per il Controllo Ambientale e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile – is a non-profit consortium established in 2010.
It gathers 49 among SMEs, Large Companies, Research Bodies.

Its Mission:
to carry on promotion, support, communication, dissemination activities. For R&D and Technology Transfer processes. In the Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development domains.

Its ambition:
to be the Innovation Broker of choice amid Industry and Research on a regional scale. To define and deploy effective sustainable solutions to promote territorial development. To inject the local enonomy with innovation, upgrading it for competition at an international level. To pursue a more competitive economy, with a higher employment rate.

Its strengths:
the diversity of its shareholders, creating human, know-how, technological and financial synergies. The possibility of engaging these synergies for definition and implementation of specific projects. The opportunity of fulfilling the needs of its shareholders and of the community. The likely steering of research towards sustainability by engaging companies in co-financed projects.

TICASS activities are in line with the:
EC directions on Sustainable Growth based on a Circular Economy (EU 2020-2030 Strategy). U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. EU/regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3).

TICASS is the Managing Body of the regional Research and Innovation Hub “Energy, Environment, Sustainable Development”

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Tecnologie Innovative per il Controllo Ambientale e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Ticass) scrl Partita IVA IT01955020993
Sede Legale ed Operativa via Domenico Fiasella, 3/16 16121 Genova (Italia)
Contatti telefono: +39 010 8900623 | e-mail: segreteria@ticass.it | pec: ticass@legalmail.it