Research and Innovation aimed at developing the territorial and socio-economic potentials, and provide answers to those needs.
The Consortium acts as a meeting point between the “top-down” approach (institutional, legal, authoritative but slower) and the “bottom-up” approach (local economic and production companies, more operational and faster).
Combining the shared and constantly updated analytical results of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Territorial  Threats and Opportunities, it was possible to define the Macro Areas where research and innovation can be applied, of which its main objectives are:

  • Cooperation between Research, Innovation, Training and Production using eco-sustainable tools and technologies.
  • Advanced research in the macro-areas of interest and the development of know-how and tools of its members.
  • Creation of a critical mass of human, technological and financial resources, to achieve internationally recognized levels of excellence.
  • Support for the exchange of researchers related to Ticass, to foster the link between the world of research and business.
  • Development of Industrial Research and Experimental Development projects and scouting sources of financing.

The main activities of the Consortium are: