Projects presented with involvement of TICASS companies:
1. “Recovery and valorisation of CO2 from industrial gaseous effluents through the application of innovative membrane technologies – IPLOM spa, IREOS Laboratori srl, Italian Coke srl, SIGE srl, University of Genoa (DCCI + DICCA) [Approved and funded]
2. “Definition and development of innovative technologies with low environmental impact for the development of new systems for dredging seabed – Giuseppe Santoro srl, C.P.G. lab srl, ITEC Engineering srl, MESA srl, University of Genoa (DCCI + DICCA) [Approved and funded]
3. “Underground – Intelligent Monitoring and Management of Subsoil Networks and Their
Interaction with the Environment – ITEC Engineering srl, C.P.G. Lab srl, GIS & Web, University of Genoa (DICCA + DISTAV) [Approved out of funds]
4. “Nanomaterials and innovative technologies for energetic requalification of existing buildings
– Boero Bartolomeo spa, Erde srl, FACI spa, IREN Acqua and Gas spa, MESA srl, University of Genoa (DIME + DCCI + DICCA + DSA) [Approved out of funds]
5. “Development of the industrial scale production of natural algal pigments – Archimede Ricerche srl, Analisi e Controlli spa, IREOS Laboratori srl, University of Genoa (DCCI + DICCA) [Approved out of funds]
6. “VARIA – Evaluation of air quality – CircleCap srl, International Center for Environmental Monitoring – CIMA Foundation, Eurochem Chemical Management Italy srl, ISMAR Chimica srl, Medservice srl, SIGE srl [Approved out of funds]