The Technical Committee is a Management Board advisory body which is about technical and scientific issues concerning activities and initiatives that the Board itself will have assumed or intends to take. In this sense, the Committee will work on request, from time to time, formulated by the Council.

Following the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on May 6th, which renewed Ticass’s Management Board, the Technical Committee is to be elected. The page will be updated as soon as the relevant information is available.

President – 

Vice president – 


A&A F.lli Parodi spa –
ABIRK Italia S.r.l. –
Active Cells S.r.l. –
AMIU spa –
Analisi & Controlli spa –
Antea S.r.l. –
Archimede Ricerche S.r.l. –
Biotec Sistemi S.r.l. –
Boero Bartolomeo spa –
CeRSAA – Centro Regionale di Sperimentazione ed Assistenza Agricola –
Circle S.r.l. –
C.P.G. Lab S.r.l. –
Erde S.r.l. –
Eurochem Chemical Management Italia S.r.l. –
Faci spa –
Fondazione AMGA –
Fondazione CIMA –
Frigomar Srl –
Gis & Web S.r.l. –
Gisig – Geographical Information Systems International Group –
Giuseppe Santoro S.r.l. –
I.A. Industria Ambiente S.r.l. –
Infosolution spa –
Ingenia S.r.l. –
Iplom spa –
IRETI spa –
Ireos Laboratori S.r.l. –
Ireos spa –
Istituto Italiano della Saldatura, Ente Morale –
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) –
Italiana Coke S.r.l. –
Itec Engineering S.r.l. –
Lab Amalysis S.r.l. –
Laboratori merceologici della Camera di Commercio di Savona –
Mesa S.r.l. –
Micamo S.r.l. –
Muvita Fondazione –
PM_TEN S.r.l. –
Servizi Ecologici Porto di Genova S.r.l. –
Servizi Industriali Genova SIGE S.r.l. –
Consorzio delle PMI per il Distretto Tecnologico dei Sistemi Intelligenti Integrati –
Spiga Nord spa –
Var Connect S.r.l. –

Permanent members invited