TICASS – Tecnologie Innovative per il Controllo Ambientale e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile – is a non-profit consortium, estabilished  in 2010 by the University of Genoa, Research bodies, small  to medium enterprises and large companies.

The Consortium promotes Research and Development, and Technological Transfer activities in the Energy and Environment domains, particularly in Sustainable Development and Quality of Life areas.

TICASS coordinates the aforementioned activities at regional, national and international levels, with the main objective of expanding knowledge and introducing innovative technologies through international cooperation, collaboration with universities and other public and private bodies.

The Consortium also supports training and technical-professional growth through scholarships, research grants and collaboration contracts, and through special agreements with universities, PhD courses, first and second level Master’s Degrees, and advanced courses.

With reference to Delibera Regionale n.553 20/05/2011, Ticass officially supervises Polo Regionale di Innovazione Tecnologica “Energia-Ambiente”.