The Regional Energy and Environment Innovation Center aims to become a Ligurian territory landmark for the public and private sectors, creating collaborations to achieve an interactive network that allows:

  • To access international research networks;
  • Develop innovative activities
  • Increase business opportunities
  • Make material resources and know-how available
  • transfer technological knowledge to potentially interested sectors
  • integrate with the territorial “Research System”.

The Energy-Environment Innovation Center is made up of leading companies in both design and production in the Energy-Environment related areas and research bodies, such as the University of Genoa, the CIMA and AMGA Foundations and the CNR of Genoa.
Each partners has skills and experience in the thematic area “Energy in Liguria”. The purpose of the Energy – Environment Center is therefore to broaden the know-how and to introduce innovative technologies to be applied to the main development sectors identified in the framework of European cooperation and integrate with Universities and other public and private entities.
TICASS is the manager of the Innovative Center and is an aggregator of companies with planning, production, research and consulting skills focused on: air, water, energy, waste, noise, geotechnics, chemical risk, to create highly interdisciplinary developments.
Ticass also works with companies dealing in the control, measurement and inspection sectors which plays a fundamental role in the environmental field given the importance of checks and monitoring.
In these areas, the Consortium participants are committed to creating innovation through the development of new technological solutions and the application of research results to industrial processes.