• Testing of materials, technologies and components to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Innovative solutions for the integration of plant components, system automation and energy control
  • Special applications in the agricultural, forestry, construction, marine and nautical sectors


  • Innovative solutions for wind energy conversion
  • Control systems for wind generating units
  • Special applications of micro-wind plants in the agricultural, rural tourism and farming sectors


  • Systems of gasification and torrefaction of ligno-cellulosic biomass for the production of bio-syngas
  • Organic waste treatment systems for the production of fermentation biogas
  • Biogas treatment and purification systems for use in high efficiency energy production systems
  • Latest generation plants with low biomass combustion emissions


  • Low temperature geothermal systems for highly energy efficient buildings

Fuel cells

  • Development of fuel cell systems for the concentration of C02 and the production of highly efficient electricity
  • Development, use and characterisation of membranes and electrodes for fuel cell polymerics

Decision support systems

  • Innovative tools (HW and SW) for planning, management and simulation of renewable energy generation systems

Energy generation from fossil fuel with high efficiency and ultra-low emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants

Process efficiency and environmental sustainability

  • New burners to increase performance and reduce emissions of combustion devices
  • Innovative systems for combustion diagnostics
  • Systems for the production of electricity with CO2 capture and isolation
  • New materials for experimentation of fuel cell generation systems with high electrochemical performances