It is composed of the President of Management Board and other seven members:

Francesco Ciardelli

Professor of industrial chemistry at the University and the Normale of Pisa. One of the leading national and international contacts in the field of macromolecular polymeric materials.

Paolo Bonaretti

Since 1992 he is General Director of ASTER S. Cons. p. A. From 2013 he is Director of Industrial Policies of the Cabinet of MISE.

Maria Fabianelli

Director of ARE Liguria spa (Regional Agency for Energy of Liguria), vice president with responsibility for energy efficiency in the civil sector of FEDARENE.

Roberto Farina

Member of the task force at European Innovation Partnership on water, at ENEA

Massimo Iannetta

Head of C.R.Enea Casaccia of  Technical Unit “Sustainable Development and Innovation of the Agro-Industrial System”

Carlo Perego

vice president of the Research Center for Non Conventional Energies – Istituto ENI Donegani, ENI S.p.A.

Ferruccio Trifirò

professor emeritus in industrial chemistry of University of Bologna. He has worked as a consultant for the main national and international chemical companies, editor of the “Chemistry and Industry” magazine and member of the OPCW scientific committee.