Ticass TV: The Erasmus+ «MARUEEB» project

The Erasmus+ «MARUEEB» project enhances the know-how among Armenian, Russian and European Union Universities on the Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The video refers to the awarding ceremony to the participants to the specialization course in “Energy Efficient Buildings” within the “MARUEEB” project, held at the University of Genoa Tuesday November 22th, 2016. The project, supported by EACEA Agency, started in spring 2016 and to be concluded in October 2018, is developed in cooperation between the Service for international relations and the Polytechnic School of the University of Genova. The course, aimed at strengthening the “empowerment” of twenty junior Russian and Armenian lecturers, has represented a key moment for the project, having the main goal to set-up a Master degrees in “Energy Efficiency in Buildings” in Armenian and Russian universities.
The training plan, based on engineering skills, has been combined with contributions on the European Union teaching approach and the policy adopted in the field of environmental protection and energy saving, with reference to the targets “20-20-20”. The training was integrated with visits to relevant Energy Management companies.
The ceremony has been chaired by prof. Andrea Trucco, vice Rector for international relations of the University.
The course was focused on the engineering approach for energy efficiency in buildings, since this sector is responsible for about 40% of global primary energy consumption. In order to reduce energy intensity, a significant scientific activity has been developed in recent years, leading to the definition of the concept of “NZEB: Nearly Zero Energy Building”. The University of Genoa carries out training and research activities on these topics, with particular reference to the development of components (solar-assisted heat pumps, hybrid solar panels, etc.), simulation software development and definition of models for long-term energy planning. The success of “MARUEEB” is also due to the other institutions participating in the project, namely other E.U. and Partner Countries Universities, as well as representatives of the stakeholders, among these, TICASS Consortium. The MARUEEB stakeholders – local authorities responsible for environmental issues, entrepreneurs associations, research centres on energy issues – are ensuring a fundamental contribution to the project’s objectives, in order to promote synergies among academia, labour market and key players of the different socio-economic frameworks in Armenia and Russia.

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