Ticass bases its activity on the creation and development of synergies. For this reason its activity is articulated through two main tools: network, network of laboratories and working groups.


Ticass adheres to three  National Tecnological Clusters (http://hubmiur.pubblica.istruzione.it/web/ricerca/bando-cluster-tecnologici-nazionali).

–          Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale della “Chimica Verde” SPRING – Sustainable Processes and Resources for Innovation and National Growth

–          Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale Agrifood “CL.A.N.”

–          Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente

TICASS has also established a series of agreements for the consortium members in relation to collaboration and cooperation in the staff training for basic and applied research activities in areas of common interest and for the development of research projects.

Network of laboratories

TICASS uses a rich and articulated network of laboratories capable of meeting all the needs related to the issues of energy and environment.

Ticass can perform:

  • Chemical, physical, biological and toxicological analysis essential for the compilation of dossiers and for the registration of substances and products for the purposes of European REACH legislation;
  • Environmental monitoring and control of air, water and soil (for example: complete analysis of drinking, mineral, thermal, civil, industrial and agricultural wastewater). Comprehensive analysis of the air pollutants present at emissions, inputs and work environments. Analysis of pollutants present in soils and in water sources, such as seas, lakes, rivers. Analysis and certification of asbestos fibers. Evaluation and speciation of nanoparticles;
  • Analysis and characterisation of any type of material and product, coming from the food, pharmaceutical, mechanical, iron and steel industries, etc. and from others such as Cultural Heritage.

In TICASS, four types of structures and laboratories have been identified:

  • Private laboratories (Ireos Laboratori, Eurochem Chemical Management Italia, SIGE, C.P.G.Lab, LabAnalysis S.r.l.);
  • Laboratories associated with private companies (A&A F.lli Parodi, Boero Bartolomeo, Faci, Iren AcquaGas, Italiana Coke, Analisi e Controlli, Iplom, Istituto Italiano della Saldatura);
  • Laboratories associated with consulting firms (Antea, I.A. Industria Ambiente);
  • Laboratories present in public facilities (University Departments and CNR).