The promotion and organisation of training and refresher activities are a Ticass strategic objective.
Its aim is to “create the conditions to favor the qualification of human capital, creativity through continuous training and the development of specialised scientific and technological skills, as strategic factors of success and competitive advantage” building “links between different subjects that for different reasons and purposes are involved in research, innovation, training, production and use of tools, technologies, aids” (Article 2 of its Statute).
Ticass promotes and organises training activities in specific technical and regulatory areas for Associate Companies and operators in the sector at national and European level, to respond promptly to production and / or commercial needs.
It has stipulated special agreements with the Permanent Training Service of the University of Genoa, with Confindustria Genoa and with Legambiente Liguria.
Since July 2015, Ticass has also been appointed by Authorised Body of the National Council of Chemists, to provide quality training to its registered professionals.