Ticass develops research activities in collaboration with partner structures to combine and develop technologies; making ambitious targets possible to achieve, when they cannot be met individually.
Ticass promotes and coordinates research activities for the development and / or technological transfer of excellence at regional, national and international levels, to increase knowledge and to introduce innovative technologies.
In particular, the research activity of Ticass is divided into two branches.

Research & Development projects

Ticass provides a series of activities that promote and encourage the participation of small, medium and large companies in funded national and community projects.

The services offered are based on the financial opportunity of presenting the proposal, from identifying partners, start-up activities to the overall project management.

The different activities provided by Ticass can be identified as:

  • Support for drafting of a project proposal: identification of ideas that with environmental control and sustainable development can be transformed into real projects;
  • Support for presentation of a project proposal: identification of the most appropriate funding programs for the project, research and definition of the consortium and drafting of the proposal from a technical and financial point of view;
  • Support for participation in projects in consortia involving pre-established partners: identification of consortia that need new partners, for the objectives of the project;
  • Support for negotiation: preparation of management agreements, preparatory partners roles for drafting of the Consortium Agreement;
  • Project management support: technical and administrative management of the project from the signing of the contract to the end of the project. Cost accounting is part of this activity.

"Energy and Environment" Innovation Center

Ticass has structured and developed a non-profit interactive network, for public and private companies.
The Regional Energy and Environment Innovation Center aims to become a Ligurian territory landmark for the public and private sectors, creating collaborations to achieve an interactive network that allows:

  • To access international research networks;
  • Develop innovative activities
  • Increase business opportunities
  • Make material resources and know-how available
  • transfer technological knowledge to potentially interested sectors
  • integrate with the territorial “Research System”.